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AP Insurance and Intego Insurance Merge Operations

January 7th, 2011

AP Insurance, a leading provider of automated insurance programs, and Intego Insurance, a leader in the distribution of pay-as-you-go workers compensation announced that they are merging operations under the brand AP Intego. Both companies are owned by Prestwick Holdings, LLC, and the merger allows for the expansion of automated pay-as-you-go products through a single source while eliminating redundancies. The company will also continue to market and distribute specialty personal insurance products and jewelers block insurance by leveraging the AP Intego state-of-the-art distribution platform.

AP Intego will be overseen by Prestwick’s Managing Directors, W. Adam Black and Gary Brach, and the company will operate from its 2 current office locations in Sudbury, Massachusetts and Rochester, New York. The AP Intego management team is further complemented by:

* Mark Benotti – Director of Business Development
* Randy Storms – Director of Commercial Sales & Marketing
* Karen Redfield – Director of Personal Insurance
* Regina Addeo – Director of Jewelers Block
* Tanya Levin – Director of IT

“We are excited about the merger, as it further enhances our automated approach to product delivery through strategic partners”, said Adam Black. “Both companies have a reputation for delivering innovative products and programs, and the new structure marries our core competencies and product sets, while opening the door for expansion.”

For more information, please contact AP Intego at (800) 274-4532 or www.apintego.com

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